Everybody demands to look fit and fine by means of physical and mental health, don’t you? A healthy lifestyle should lead to healthy life. From decades, a simple formula is adapted that is if you eat healthily and simultaneously you did regular exercise your health always remain on the top. Suppose if you work out regularly with full dedication for 1 week in a gym and give extraordinary results, then take a rest for 2 weeks and think you have done your job. Do you really feel this works –no it’s not worth it. Go slow and be consistent same like Tortoise in Rabbit & the Tortoise story whose moral is Slow and steady wins the race. Well how many of you creating a list of New Year resolutions and on the top of the list you write “I am going to change my lifestyle by means of exercise or diet”. But are you really keep those resolutions. Hmm……No right! Find out the top 20 Diet and Fitness Tips.

When you exercise and eat right, your body functions well because it receives proper nutrients, along with physical activity to improve strength, body composition, and cardiovascular health.

What Are The Benefits Of Combining Exercise And Diet?

Tongue wants the taste and you want health:

Some of the people don’t know what they are eating they just want the taste…but all tasty things are not good enough for your health isn’t it. If you got late night craving towards sweet, then to satisfy your taste buds always prefer fruits first instead of taking chocolate or candies. Surely this will help you out to reduce your craving towards your unhealthy super tasty food.

Say hello to water:

Say hello to water

Just water? Yes, Water is most effective way to keep you healthy. Water not only fulfills your thirst but also remove toxins from your body. You have to drink 8-10 glasses of water in a day. We don’t think this is too much amount.

Motivating Companion:

Please stay away from negative thinking people and increase your friendship with positive thinking persons.  For example, if you are lazy you need someone who makes you feel challenged and comfortable and lets you reach your fitness goals……Got it!

Healthy fast food:

We are sure you are thinking what the hell we are talking about “Fast food and is healthy” isn’t it sounding weird? But yeah, some fast foods such as vegetable salads, grilled chicken and some foods that are cooked in small amount of oil. Well, avoid taking fast foods but sometimes when your maid is not coming or you are not feeling well to make a meal in that case you can go for these fast foods rather than choosing high oil food.

Go for yoga:

Go for yoga

In this busy life most of the people don’t have time to join a gym or some of them do not have money to join. Whatever is the reason, but there is one and the only simple solution just does yoga minimum for 20 minutes. Yoga is the best way to increase your blood circulation, increase your body flexibility, relieves tension and stress. But if you Get Bored while performing Yoga….then we have a most entertaining solution of this problem…simply play some loud music and dance for a few minutes daily. Isn’t it a cool idea?

Distracted eating:

Now a day’s most of the homes have a television in their dining room and most of the adults/teenagers eat their meal in front of the computer or television so that they continue their work or enjoying watching their favorite show.  According to latest study people who taking their meals while working on a computer or watching TV, they eat more calories than those who hadn’t been using these gadgets.

What professionals said:

You have probably heard the term “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar‘. It’s true statement as this actually develops our body. Bu can we follow this rule ….”a big NO” simply we  eat when we are hungry and do not eat when we are not hungry Right?  According to professionals, we need the highest energy at the beginning of the day, and least at the end when our daily tasks are over and we are going relaxing. If you going to skip your breakfast meal, don’t think of doing this as this is the most important meal, yeah if you want to skip your dinner then it would be acceptable.

Schedule your workouts:

Schedule your workouts

Time is very precious for everyone but sometimes we don’t know how to manage it. So the best way is to look over your calendar that one is hanged on your wall and according to week mark your workout accordingly it hardly takes 15 minutes. You don’t need to skip your office or don’t need to skip any appointment. Whenever you see your calendar it will help you to stick to your this resolution.

Stay healthy and play wealthy:

Do you agree with this term? To stay healthy you have to practice more and more exercise or yoga whatever you like. If you are healthy your brain refuses to take any stress and tension and due to relaxing mind you work in your office with a free mind. But please don’t try to do exercise when you are sick.



Wow….sleeping. How many of you love sleeping, those who love sleeping has a good news. As sleeping is the most important thing that helps you to remain fit, even when you enjoying late night parties or work late night in office you feel some sort of a headache? It’s only because of less sleeping. Sleeping hours varies from person to person minimum time 8 hour for younger’s and 6-7 hours for aged persons. Pregnant ladies, please be aware that you need more sleep as compared to your normal routines. Sleeping helps to cure both physical and mental disorders.  So enjoy sleeping according to your age.

Exercise shuffling:

Don’t you think we are getting bored when doing the same thing again and again. So to remove this boredom you have to shuffle little schedule of your exercises. Make a plan of your exercises and do those exercises on alternative days.

Make bread as your enemy:

Did you know fact why Japanese are so fit and slim this is because of Instead of bread they consume rice because Rice is a low-fat complex carbohydrate which is useful to control your hunger. Rice has lesser calories than bread.



Did you notice today’s generation….. They all are busy in playing games on their mobiles, I think they don’t know or they forget how to play in fields. Please avoid these as field sport is more important for both physical and mental energy. This is mainly for those ladies who always busy in their kitchens. Please, ladies, do enjoy and participate in sports activities. You can also enjoy Indoor games like snooker, chess and cards they are helpful to increase your mental health. Outdoor games like cricket, badminton, hide and seek etc. don’t take these games as a competition, just enjoy and relax your mind as this is helpful for your physical health.

Take five meals in a day:

What are you thinking? I may know you are thinking we are going mad isn’t it, once we suggest you not to have heavy diet and now we are saying eat five times in a day. What the hell. But our meaning of not to take heavy meals that don’t eat like a king right, eat like a beggar. Eat less food but in some interval of time. That means three meals and two snacks: one snack between breakfast and lunch, and another one between lunch and dinner. According to experts people who eat two or three large meals in a day eat more calories than people who consume five or six smaller meals.

Eat well…live more:

Eat well...leave well

Ladies you need to focus in this tip as they are head of the cooking department probably. What you need to do is cook food with healthy fats like use coconut oil or olive oil rather using refined or dalda ghee. Try to use some herbs like mint, coriander, Fennel leaves for seasoning. If your family gets bored from various food items you just need to switch them with an interesting recipes so that you give them vitamins, minerals and a wide range of nutrient.

Focus on nutrition’s:

When you buy any favorite product from market can you see ingredients that are published on the back of the packet? No, right. Reading the packaging labels is must because of they some ingredients are good for your health and some are not. You need to spend some time on reading these ingredients. Mostly avoid sugary foods and foods with Trans fats and choose high fiber foods having more than three grams fiber.

Need to run:

Need to Run

Just running? Yes, Running is considered no. 1 cardio exercise, because this helps you to keep your heart rate up and burns off calories. For that you need to start your running slowly and after some interval of time when your body starts feeling warm increase your running speed.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Now you start thinking about healthy lifestyle what exactly our mean? Our meaning from this is not only eating healthy but also lives healthy. To maintain a healthy lifestyle you need to focus on your healthy diet and regular exercise. Include some quality foods such as fruits, green leafy veggies and also some organic foods, you also need to include proper intake of proteins, fats, fish, and carbohydrates. But we are really sorry because for the healthy lifestyle you have to make the distance from your favorite pizzas, burgers, KFC’S food, and also need to spend a little less time with your sofa and popcorn’s.



Yuppie……ladies are lucky In this case as they are very much involved  in house Cleanliness, but yeah today’s world nobody wants to spend their time in Cleanliness they prefer to take maids…..but according to us don’t do this follow the rule “do your work by yourself “. Seriously Cleanliness saves a lot of epidemic diseases and makes body fresh.  Your body and mind both relaxed by this fitness tip.

Last but not the least tip:

Follow some tips daily that will help you to burn your calories.

  • Choose stairs instead of elevators
  • Need to stand more while working
  • After taking lunch or dinner just walk for few minutes
  • Park your car few miles away so that you get some steps to walk
  • If you are nature lover do some gardening.
  • Instead of car and bike take a bicycle ride from your office to the workplace.

These are few beneficial tips that will make your life healthy. So enjoy your life by adopting these tips. These tips are really giving amazing results that you want to see.