Are you want to become a morning person? Do you hate getting up early in the morning? Does the sound of your alarm clock bring you in tears every morning? Did you need a 2-3 cup of coffee or tea to open your eyes? Sorry for bombarding so many questions but if your answer is “yes” then don’t worry it is possible. Yeah…. it is a little bit difficult to drag yourself out from your bed but not as difficult as breaking a mountain for this, you just need to change a little bit your habits and lifestyle and also need to sleep early at night.

Summer is the best time to became a morning person due to its lots of reasons like you can enjoy the fresh cool air, you can enjoy walking bare feet on grasses, you can spend more time on beaches and summers have longer daytime as compared to other seasons so you can do lots of your work or activities.

Did you hear most famous quotes “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” or maybe you heard it from your parents during your childhood. Did you…definitely! But are you follow this rule in your day today life ….No right! Well……you are not alone in this race even not all people go to bed early or not all get up early in the morning. But believe us, if you follow this rule you will definitely feel better and also get tons of benefits.


Plan your sleep:

Like changing any other habit you also need to understand that for successful life sleep play an important role and this habit also need to change. Suppose if you want to become a morning person and you would like to get up at 5.00 am then calculate backward according to 7-hour sleep so that to know in what time you must be asleep.

Use an alarm:

Use an alarm

We know alarm sound is very dangerous that brings a tear to your eyes but if you are not a morning person then you have to use an alarm. Yeah…if the sound is very weird then put your favorite alarm music on your phone and make sure put alarm device or your phone far away from your hand so that you have to get up to turn it off. Once you make your habit to wake up early in the morning then you don’t need an alarm because your mind mentally prepared.

Enlist an accountability partner:

Do you remember at the hostel when we want to study during exams, so we called one another at early in the morning? Same like that make a friend and ask each other whosoever is awake in the morning call another one.

Change your story:

If anybody asks you “you are a morning person” what your answer should be “NO” right! Then why not you change your story, Change your “NO” to “yes”. It does not take too many years you just make it preference and start working on it.

Set your clothes:

Set your clothes

Sometimes you just feel lazy and think who wake up early and think what to wear and due to over laziness you take out your blanket and get back lying on your bed right! But what if you put out your workout clothes night before, including your shoes wow great idea isn’t it. Then in the morning it takes no time just get up early and put your decided clothes and start doing your job.


Increase productivity:

Increase productivity

Whenever you get up early in the morning it gives you the mental boost. According to various studies, it has shown that people who wake up early in the morning get more time to do their work and also they are more alert and focused throughout the day. We know you don’t believe in our saying but when you wake up early in the morning you will definitely see the results.

Plenty of time for exercise:

Why you don’t try to do yoga or exercises just because you have a lack of time right! But once you make yourself a morning person you will get ample of time to do whatever you want to do and make yourself healthy. And we don’t think we need to tell the amazing health benefits of yoga and exercise right!

Spend time with family:

Spend time with family

When you wake up early in the morning you have lots of time. Suppose every morning you wake up at 9:00 am but when you wake up at 5:00 am you have at least 4 hours ……a lot of time right! You can do whatever you want to do in this period of time …cool hmm. You can also spend time with your family because now a day’s everybody participates in rat race wake up at 9:00 ready and went for office and at evening come home eat her/his dinner and spend their time on gadgets…but, what about your family ….can you have time for them… “NO” right! So this is best when you spend morning time with them have fun…..rock your morning.

Get stress free life:

Every morning if you are running here and there, don’t find your things even you don’t get proper time to get ready and wondering why there is not enough time to get ready ,then now it’s time to take step and get up from your bed as soon as possible. Only this is the way which aligns your system. A survey is done by the University of London which found that people who wake up before 7 pm have fewer chances of stress and depression as compared to those who wake up after it. So decide you want more 30 minutes sleep or want a stress free life ….it’s up to you.


Your life is precious and you have authority to enjoy each and every movement of your life but only an early riser can use the most of his time and can get success why not late risers enjoy their life to the fullest……hope you understand the reason behind this the only reason is that they don’t get enough time to spend. It is also noticed that if you get up early in the morning then your mind and body remain active all its day and if your morning starts late then everything going to be wrong.

Hope this article helps you a lot …..Don’t think too much….just put your laces and become a morning person. Walking early doesn’t have to be hard….just try to make an effort. So enjoy each and every part of your life …surely you can do it!