Surely, sometimes you hear lots of complaints either from your friends or relatives and most of the times you may also complain that your hip muscle is so tight and you want to loosen them. Hmm….from where this problem comes… well, for that you have to think about where you spend most of your day…….what position do you follow during the whole day. We are sure and we bet you spend most of your day sitting down. OK sometimes you walk, but the majority of your day is spend in a seated position right!

What your mind thinks “who cares” right! Well, you think wrong because if you spend lots of years in the same position your body may seem like that old person who hunched over almost to the point just like he staring continuously at the ground …did you saw those old persons? OK we agree that there are chances that they met with an injury. But according to survey majority of chances of this type of situation is due to sitting in the same position. So from next time we beg you please whenever you going to sit on a chair sit inflexible position so that your hips may feel relaxed .

Exercises to loosen your Tight Hip Muscles

Happy Baby:

Happy Baby

Lie back on your mat. Pull your knees to your chest and try to grip your toes with hands and open your legs as much as you can. This pose is just like a baby when he is in a happy mood. Keep in mind while doing this pose hold your breath for 30 seconds. If you are found difficulty then you can use a belt.

Pose like a Frog:

Frog Pose

Start this pose by placing your palms and feet on the ground just like four-legged animals. Place your feet apart from each other and start walking your knees apart as much as you can until you feel a comfortable stretch on your thighs. If want more stretch then try to touch your chest to the ground. Stay there for 30 seconds.




Sit on the ground, bend both the knees and close your feet together in such a way that it looks like an open book. Make sure spine should be in straight position. Slowly try to bend forward from your hips, until you start feeling tension in your back. Pause in this position for 30 seconds and then return to your normal position.

Lizard Pose:

Lizard Pose

Bend like a downward dog pose and then stretch your right leg on the front side of your body and stretching the left leg behind it. Once you have done with this position try to lift your leg above the floor and try to touch the ground with the forehead. Repeat this process with another leg.

Chair pose:

Chair pose

Stand straight and bring your legs together along with your feet. Bend your hips back such a way that it looks like you are about to sit on a chair. Hold in this position for 45 to 1 minutes. But if you have little bit more stamina you can also put some more weight on your heels. Keep in mind this pose needs lots of strength, if you find difficulty then not sink your hips too much you can pretend like you are sitting on a bar stool.


  • If you have hip or knee problem then don’t perform these exercises.
  • Not exceed stretching beyond your comfort level.

Benefit to loosen your tight hip muscles

For elder persons:

Mostly in elder person, hip mobility is decreased due to which they feel pain in their knees and also one of the leading causes of falls. If above-given exercises will be done on a regular basis then you will surely give strength to your hips. Even if individual suffering from osteoarthritis you will be benefited.

For IT Band Syndrome:

If you are a sports person then surely you may get various types of injuries especially IT (Iliotibial) Band Syndrome. When IT band is tight then it may cause your knee movement painful because IT band pulling your knees out of alignment.

Cure knee pain:

When you do hip exercise it may reduce knee pain. Patellofemoral pain syndrome which mainly occurs in runners, occur when your thigh bone starts rubbing against the back of your knee cap which may cause pain while running.

Walk Longer, Stand Longer:

Are you worry about long walks and have suffered from poor balance and poor sitting postures that this is only because of tight hip muscles. So hip loosens exercises are important to strengthen your hips and also give you the quality of life.

Back support:

If your hips are tight, stiff then you are most likely to suffer from lower back pain problem so to support your back you have to so regular hip movement exercises.

Why it is important to open up your tight hip muscles

The hip muscles are basically a group of muscles in the pelvic region and upper thighs that will help the movement of knees and also keep your pelvis and thighs in an alignment. Most of the strain occurs when hip muscles become torn. Sometimes kicking, moving or running may tear your muscle but don’t worries this only occurs when you are in a hurry. we must suggest you should go for natural remedies and talk to your healthcare doctor if you are suffering from any kind of other health issues.

When you sit too much in a single pose for a very long period of time there are lots of chances you may get injuries. Sometimes you are in a hurry either you have to catch a bus or a train. For that you start running which cause unexpected lengthening of the hip muscles. All this is because sitting routine ……when you start running it will cause injury as this is beyond your muscles expectations. That’s why we are saying it is important to maintain strength and flexibility in the hip muscle.