Do you want to know about Intermittent fasting Guide and Benefits? Well… Intermittent fasting basically going without food for some defined period of time , often eating nothing for 16, 18, 24, or even 36 hours and then feasting. The main reason people use this guide to losing their fat or weight. No-No doesn’t take it wrong intermittent fasting is not a diet, It just a pattern of eating a meal. Hmm…well your mind totally confuse Right! Because from our childhood we only know the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day even doctors also advice for having breakfast moreover it is also considered important meal for weight loss but lately the trend of Intermittent fasting will be followed. In this fasting stage, you have to eat an early dinner and then do not eat next meal until next noon by skipping your breakfast.

Are questions arising in your mind why to skip breakfast if you lose weight by eating it? What are the benefits of intermittent fasting? Why there is a need to do intermittent fasting? But do you notice that today’s era everyone busy with their schedule and do not get enough time for themselves even not for having their breakfast? But believe us Intermittent fasting is a simple step of losing you weight without deprive. Don’t become so crazy like if you don’t eat you will die …nothing is like this. According to us, the mental barrier is the biggest barrier that prevents people from fasting because it is not too much difficult as we think.

How to do Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not too much difficult below we discuss popular diet plan that you can follow easily:

Leangains method (16/8 fast)

In this diet, you have to skip your breakfast and restrict your diet for 8 hours and then keep on fasting for 16 hours. For example, from 9pm you eat a dinner and then have a lunch at 1 pm by skipping your breakfast then again do fasting for 16 hours. You can follow this diet daily.

The 24 hour fast (Eat-stop-eat)

This is the really simple diet you just go for fasting for 24 hours. For example, you can start your meal from 8 pm and have your next meal at 8 pm of the next day. We suggest you to do fasting for once a week but some people like to do this twice in a week so that will be also fine.

The feast/ fast model (5:2 Diet plan)

This is not an easy step to adopt in this plan you have to fast for 38 -40 hours. Most of the people found difficulty during this fasting step. For example, if you eat dinner in Saturday morning till 9 pm then don’t eat for the next Sunday and also skip Monday morning breakfast. Don’t you think it is too long to follow? Obvious right! But the good news is you can eat anything on the other 5 days

Intermittent Fasting

From above three intermittent fasting plan Leangains method is considered as most simpler and easiest to follow.


Make you slim:

Main reason people do intermittent fasting is to lose their weight. This is the biggest benefit that will be offered by intermittent fasting. Yeah….we agree that you feel hungry when you make a decision to follow intermittent fasting but after few days your body adopted this fasting and adjust accordingly and you do not feel hunger. You just need to build a habit for your body. This is true when you set your plan of eating your meal and follow it on daily basis you can learn to prepare itself for food by beginning the process

Increase mental focus and concentration:

During fast your body release hormone named catecholamine prevents you from neurodegenerative disease. Don’t you think when your mind is relaxed your productivity in your work automatically increases? Leading scientist to believe that intermittent fasting is a key to maximizing brain function.

Live longer:

You can’t believe but it is true intermittent fasting has the ability to increase your life span. We tell you some interesting facts regarding intermittent fasting some studies were done on rats…..Rates were divided into two groups. One of group contain rats that fasted every day lived 83% longer than rats that didn’t fast. Don’t you fell it is quite dramatic? Exactly the same were applying on humans and it is very much popular in the anti-aging crowd.

Want healthy skin:

Did you ever notice adults and teenagers suffered from heavy acne and pimples due to some hormonal changes? When you start following intermittent fasting you will notice that your skin clear because it detoxifies your body. According to research when you don’t eat anything for one day has shown to help the body clean up and remove toxins from the body and also maintain the functioning of other organs of the body like liver, kidneys.

Improves your immune system:

Intermittent fasting improves the immune system because it reduces free radical damage. If you have pets then for sure you observe what your animals do when they sick….did you notice? They just stop eating food and focusing on resting. According to research, it is just a primary step to reduce stress on the internal system so your body fights against the infection by its own.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits

Some steps that need to keep in mind:

  • If you are a morning person and love to do exercise and yoga then we suggest you not to do fasting as it may create a stress. In that case, it is necessary to eat high protein food in your breakfast after the workout. Yeah… in this case, you can do one thing just skip your lunch and do not eat again until dinner.
  • Don’t worry because you may feel weird or maybe your stomach demand for food for the starting days of the fasting because your body takes too much time to take a message that you starting to burn fat, but once your body understand it start stimulating the enzyme.
  • If you are pregnant then avoid intermittent fasting or suffering from any adrenal fatigue.
    Intermittent fasting is not suited for everyone so it is necessary to keep an eye on its results. It also varies according to ages.
  • According to study, it is not much beneficial for women. The study shows that it improves insulin sensitivity in man but worsens blood sugar control in females. So, women, you have to take care while doing intermittent fasting.

Yeah….sometime hunger is the main side effect of intermittent fasting but once you start following it on a daily basis you feel comfortable and able to control your hunger.