Let me ask you a question …do you have a car? If “yes” then what will you do when there is freezing outside….do you get to start your car immediately or let it warm up for a minute? Most of the people warm up their cars so that their car runs better. Same this logic applies to you if you want to run with a better pace you have to warm your body.

According to the survey, it shows that when you are at rest 20 % of blood reached into your muscles and rest is remain in organs but when you warm up your body around 80 % of your blood supplies in your muscles. Warming up give help to move blood into your muscles and also provide oxygen and nutrients and helpful to eliminate waste. Warm up is also helpful for the movement of your joints and act as a lubricant so that your joints are ready for an action without any problem.

Think the time when you spend all your time by sitting on a chair by hunched at a keyboard it makes your body stiff and you become lazy and suddenly when you have run from your chair it creates a problem in your muscle, for that warm up, is important. Hmm…you are curious to know how to do warm up exercise before every workout…..but before that let’s talk about types of warm up exercise. So let’s Goo!

Types of warm up

There is basically three type of warm up program

  • Passive warm-up
  • General warm up
  • Specific warm up

Passive warm-up:

This is very less effective warm up from all three methods. This is basically consisting of an external source of heat. Such as creams, sauna or sitting in the steam room. Many sports person use creams for warming their body but this method is not effective this only increase the temperature deep within the muscles.

General warm-up:

This warm up basically improves blood flow into muscles. You can do some activities like jumping jacks, jogging, marching etc are effective general warm up exercises. They stimulate cardiovascular system and prepare your muscles for vigorous activity.

Specific warm-up:

In this basically skill activities are included. These warm ups basically are done by sports persons or by those who going to train themselves with heavy weights. For example, hurdlers never ever do push-ups before their race they do that exercise that involves with hurdling like they do leg movements and do mild running.

Following are some workouts that will surely give effective results


Jogging or walking

Jogging and walking are important because it may increase heart thumping and also useful for your nerve system. You can slowly jog for 60 seconds or another option you can walk for 5-10 minutes. This is a very simple method of warm up, along with jogging or walking you can also listen to your favorite music track. You can also enjoy backward jogging.

Buy a jump rope:

Buy a jump rope


What if you don’t have jump rope go and buy one from the market as it is easily available and also very cheap. Yeah at starting you might be crappy coordination but with time or with practice you learn to make a good combination. This is the best way to warm your body in just a few minutes, just do this activity for 30 seconds.

Foot touching:

Foot touching

Stand straight by keeping your legs apart from each other. Bend down and touch your right toe with the left hand and left toe with the right hand. You have to do this exercise for 60 seconds.

Swing your arms:

Swing your arms

Stand straight and wrap your arms around your body in such a way that it seems like gave a big hug to yourself and then gently release your arms and come back to your normal position. Continue doing this opening and closing of arm stretch, try to complete at least 30-45 seconds.

Arm circles:

Arm circles

Lift both the arms in such a way that they come parallel to the ground. Then rotate your arms to make a small circle, rotating through the shoulder joint.

Shoulder rotating:

Shoulder rotating


This is very good to increase your shoulders strength. What you have to do is stand straight and marching with legs and simultaneously start rolling your shoulders in the forward direction. Do this at least 10 times after that start rolling your shoulders in the backward direction. Repeat both backward and forward shoulder rolling for 60 seconds.

Knee bending:

Knee bending

This is very effective for warming –up your knee and hip muscles. In this exercise Stand on your feet by making a distance between them. Lift your hands straight in front of you in such a way that it comes in parallel to the ground. Start bending your knees and then pause for few seconds and stand straight. Repeat this step quickly for 60 seconds.



Stand straight and bring your hands in boxing position by bent your elbow. Throw your legs in such a way that it seems you kicking something with full strength. Repeat this exercise with both legs at least for 60 seconds.

Note: At the beginning, you may feel a little bit of pain if you do then slow down your warm up exercise. Try to do smooth movements not fast and jerky and each movement should be of 5-10 times.

Benefits of warm –up before exercise

Decline chances of injury:

According to Sports Medicine magazine, stretching and warm-up before exercises or before playing any sport significantly prevent you from injuries. If you warm up your body first, your body secretes a fluid you can also call it lubricant which basically prevents tearing while doing exercise.

Promote blood flow:

If blood flow is properly then your muscles and joints are more workable. Warm up gives elasticity to your muscles and also provide nutrients and energy.

Increase the secretion of hormones:

When we perform warm up on regular basis hormones are automatically secreted which provide your body carbohydrates, fatty acids, and energy.

Improve elasticity:

When you warm–up it basically improve flexibility or elasticity of your body. When you do small movements with your body it can provide same benefits as same as yoga.

Enhance Muscle Temperature:

If you do proper warm-up exercise it will contract your muscle with more force and also relax your muscles after a contraction. Warm up not only make your muscles better but a warmer body temperature can lower the chances of encountering a muscle strain or pull.

Increase body temperature:

Body Temperature increases Body that is warmed up before any activity will cause your body temperature to rise and make your muscles more elastic. Warming up may increase body’s strength and speed and prevent you from any injury.

Increase blood temperature:

Same like body and muscle warming up also increase blood temperature. With the increase of temperature, blood operates more efficiently and increase blood oxygen levels.