Can You Exercise Without Losing Your Breasts? What? Why you are sooo shocked? hmm… you don’t know about this fact right! But that’s true most of girls or women are very much fitness freak and join gym doing a lot of exercises to look younger and fit. But ladies keep in mind when you lose your body weight to get a slim figure it means your breast size also going to affect so always choose that exercise that will only lose your weight but not your breast. Don’t screaming so loud! ….we know right now you were thinking you don’t want shrinkage in your breast while doing exercise …..But don’t worry about that you can lose weight and simultaneously you can also maintain your breast size….cool right! Happy now….you just needs to know about few right exercises.

Actually logic behind losing your breast size is that female breast basically made up of 75 % of fat. Therefore when it comes to weight loss it means your body loses most of the fat. Since breast composed of fat so most likely you will lose fat from the breast. Women mostly join a gym because they want to shrink their hips, belly or thigh but not breasts right! But they don’t know what exercise to be followed to get desirable result, so we are here to provide you some exercises hope they will take out you from the problems:


Reduce your cardio time:

When you reduce your cardio exercise you will not only reduce fat but also helps to reduce body muscle. Cardio exercise may affect your bust size. If you really want to cardio exercise then work on the upper and lower body while burning calories. Only do cardio exercise for 30-40 minutes not more than that. You can choose rowing or elliptical exercise that will definitely maximize the strength of your pectoral muscles that makes your breast larger.

Add Push-ups into your routine:

Most of the people don’t like this exercise but this is best to build your arm muscles, pectoral muscles and shoulder muscles. There are lots of Push-up exercises and you don’t need to do all of them just choose one of them. Hmmmm…ok we will provide one push-up surely you enjoy Ball up push-ups. In this, you can

Lose weight slowly:

Lose weight slowly

Reduce your normal intake of 500 calories which helps to reduce body weight but not fat that means you are breast are safe. One important thing that you must be aware of is to try to reduce your body weight slowly so that your boobs and skin don’t get flabby.

Ideal Diet:

Sometimes may exercise not give you good physique but Yeah …most of the time what you include in your diet also protect your breast from losing. See when you include a high concentration of protein and complex carbohydrates such as grains in your diet it will only reduce your body weight but not affect your breasts. Keep in mind not to take pastries, stored fruits and sodas as they are the main culprits of your body weight. You can also increase intake of estrogenic Foods as Estrogen is a female sex hormone that basically enlarge female breast size. We provide you list of some estrogen foods like garlic, red beans, pumpkin, soy milk, soybeans, and flax-seeds. You can take any of them so that you maintain your breast size.

Work on your pecs:

If you are start losing fat around your body then after few days you will notice your breast start losing fat and become smaller. So it is better to do those exercises that will build muscles and keep your breasts firm and perky. Make sure perform those exercises that will target your chest muscles. You can incline presses, decline presses, flat bench presses, and Flyes, use the heaviest weight to build the muscles, but no to do so much that your breast is gone forever.

Medicine ball slams:

medicine ball slams

This is also a good option that you can try this exercise basically, helps to build strength in your legs and arms and also called as multi-joint exercise. In this exercise hold a medicine ball in your hand and make a distance between your feet then lift it above head and slam the ball on the floor with full force. Do 1 to 3 sets of 15.

Eat more but smaller meals:

Most of the people think that large meals in 3 times in a day keep them healthy and fit but this is not true. Actually according to researchers rather than going for 3 meals stick to 5 or 6 smaller and healthy meals and snacks throughout the day. This will not only avoid your craving towards food but also provide you energy.

Dumbbell Flyes:

dumbbell fly


Dumbbell Flyes basically work for your upper body means helpful to make muscles in shoulders and chest and also strengthens your muscles in back and arms also. Take a dumbbell in your hands and open your arms out wide and bent your elbows 90 degrees. Raise the weights while inhaling, and squeezing your shoulders and chest. On exhaling lower the weight back down slowly and return back to your normal position.

Focus on strength training:

Actually, when you focus on strength training it means you are focusing on losing fat rather than losing muscles, but during strength training, you going to build chest muscles due to which your breast size will remain almost the same…..Wow, this is good training as you lose fat but simultaneously it does not affect your breast size. You can also do one thing if you want perky bust lift heavier weight.

We think now you are very much clear about exercises that you can do without losing your breast size. Keep in mind whenever you should perform weight training exercises or chest workouts targeting the back, shoulders, arms, hips, thighs, and legs. So be happy now you get glorious cleavage and also reduces some of your body weight.