Yoga means fitness mantra of mind and body. Is question arising in your mind why we called yoga as fitness mantra? The answer is simple as yoga has tremendous benefits such as give strength, maintain stress level, enhance flexibility in your body and give peaceful mind, increase concentration and focus and pain relief. Wow….amazing from yoga we get thousand of benefits isn’t it cool!

Yoga is basically the spiritual state of mind where you not only rest but also get a variety of health benefits. According to various researchers if you practice yoga regularly you may get good command on your mind and it may increase your concentration whatever you do. Yoga is usually about spiritual, mental and physical discipline. You don’t need to spend several hours each day on doing yoga poses it just take few to 10 minutes from your daily routine.

Some important benefits of yoga:

Well….yoga has thousand of benefits but we just going to discuss few main benefit that is useful for our body.


From fitness, you may understand physically or mentally fit right! And you may be healthy when you are balanced by both physically and mentally. When you start doing yoga like pranayama or postures you will be fit not for few day or few months but for a lifetime.

Fat reduction:

Everyone wants to look slim and fit. Some people use surgeries or laser therapies to remove fat, but please don’t go for surgeries as it not only give side effects but also destroy your skin. Yoga is the best and natural method that will naturally balance your body fat.

Inside peace:

Most of the people roam here and there to find out the peaceful place but nobody knows peace is inside us. So spend some time with yoga and you will get the peace cool right!

Stress pain relief:

Did you notice when you are stress-free you enjoy each and every movement of your life but when stress comes in your mind you do everything wrong. Spend few movements with yoga and you will get relief from stress.

Enhanced energy:

At the end of the day your all energy will be drained out and you feel tired but if you do yoga regularly it will enhance your energy. Just 10 minutes yoga and you will start fresh new and you will also enjoy time with your family and friend after working for a whole day.

Maintaining BMI level:

When you wish to live a fit and healthy life it means your BMI rate should be on right path. If you have been practicing yoga on a daily basis at least for 10 minutes it will maintain your BMI. BMI may be maintained as per the height of an individual.

A migraine:

Migraine is the most common problem nowadays and most of the individual have this problem due to exposure to sunlight for a long time. If you have a severe migraine you may get repeated attacks frequently in a day. If in future you will face this kind of problem then don’t worry because yoga gives you the solution. Make sure do yoga regularly.

Give you best immunity:

Yoga is one of the best methods from which you can get the best immunity for your body. For that you may need to perform yoga on regular basis…are you ready to stay physically fit …..If you have low immunity then you can easily come in contact with the disease because of your body unable to fight against various diseases.

Improvement in sexual life:

Today’s stressful and pressure full life, sexual life getting deprived. A well-performed survey was done in which persons are divided into two groups. In group 1 those people added those performed Yoga and in group 2 people do not perform yoga. After 12 weeks results were taken which shows that people of group 1 enjoying their sexual life and feel improvement but group 2 people do not feel anything. Yoga is the best way to improve your sexual life as well as give satisfaction in your married life.

Reduce urge of eating more:

Are you from those people who come out for shopping or an outing but instead of shopping their stomach demand for a food. And you never ever stop yourself from eating fast food which may further increase your body weight and deposited lots of fat on your body. But once you start doing yoga you can easily control your craving towards food wow! Amazing you have to do nothing just take 10 -20 minutes from your daily routine and perform yoga.

Control female problems:

Most of the women may feel severe pain at the time of their menstruation period, mainly before starting the period and during the period. But repeated use of yoga you may get rid of this problem easily.

Best Yoga to Get Beautiful and Glowing Skin

Every one of us wants to ask from mirror “mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” right, and if mirror doesn’t show our face then we buy imported creams, apply face packs and what not …..Yes, we all done these things at some point in our lives agree! But do you try yoga for that? Well….Mental and emotional balance play a very important role to get beautiful skin. Sometimes we never realize but stress is one of the major factors to imbalance our body. So below we provide some yoga poses from which you may get the radiant and youthful look and feel.



This is the most effective pranayama to get the radiant and glowing skin. It is the type of breathing exercise that will help you to get rid of the various type of disease apart from glowing skin.

How to perform:

Sit straight in any comfortable position. Take a deep breath from your nostrils, as you exhale pull your abdomen back to the spine. When you relax in this position, the breath flows automatically through lungs. Repeat this kriya for 5 to 10 minutes, you will definitely get the impressive results.

Varun Mudra:

Varun Mudra

This is the very simple way whatever is your position or whatever is your location don’t worry about it because you can perform this in any condition.

How to perform:

You just join the tip of your thumb with the tip of your little finger but keep in mind not to pressurize your nails as it may lead to dry skin. Don’t you believe but this mudra purifies your blood that makes your skin better.

Shitli Kumbhak Pranayam:

Shitli Kumbhak Pranayam

This is extremely important pranayama for your skin. This yoga pranayama has the potential to purify your blood and reduce facial wrinkles.

How to perform:

Fold your tongue in such as way that it protrudes slightly from your mouth. Take a deep breath from the mouth and feel the coolness of air inside your neck, pause for a few second and then exhale air through the nostrils.




This is wonderful yoga to get radiant and glowing skin apart from this it is also useful to increase blood circulation level and toned your whole body. If you have got wrinkles on your face earlier than your current age then this asana is very effective.

How to perform:

Lie down on a floor and with the help of your hand slowly pulls your body straight upward by supporting your waist. Now you have to keep whole body weight on your shoulders. Hold the posture until you count from 1 to 100.



This is very simple and easy pose and everyone adopted this asana. This yoga pose is also recommended by doctors. Padmasana relaxes your mind and keeping you away from tension due to which your skin become healthy and glowing like lotus petals.

How to perform this:

Sit comfortably on the mat by crossing your legs in such a way that your left legs overlapping with right thigh and vice versa. Keep your hands straight on your knees by taking mudra position.

“Yogic Formula for getting glowing and beautiful skin is More oxygen + more blood circulation + Aside your Stress

Yoga For Weight Loss

If you are planning to weight loss or want to lose some weight then we must say try yoga this is the best and effective way for weight and many people get its benefits. But we just want a little time from your daily routine along with the right amount of diet. To get the best results you should perform below-given yoga pose:



Dhanurasana is the very simple procedure and it is very effective to improve the strength of the back and the lower abdominal muscles. Initially, it is difficult to perform but with time you will easily perform this.

How to perform:

Lie down flat as your stomach touches the ground. Slowly bends your knees so that your knees come closer to your buttocks keep exhaling at this stage. Lift your arms and try to make a grip on ankles if you are unable to hold ankle because it is difficult in the first attempt then hold toes in that case. Use your arms to pull your legs in an upward direction and make sure to keep inhaling at this stage. Maintain this position about 20 -25 seconds it depends on your stamina. Return back to your normal position and lie quietly for few seconds.

Setu Bandh:

Setu Bandh

This is also known as bridge pose which helps to strengthen the back muscles, abdomen and also improve digestion. It needs the practice to hold the posture well.

How to perform:

Lie down on a mat on the back and fold your knees by keeping your hip and feet distance apart. Make sure knees and ankles make a straight line. Keep your arms below your body and cross your palms with each other then gently inhale air and lift your back above to the floor in such a way that your thighs come parallel to the floor. Hold this position for few minutes according to your stamina and then returned back to normal position.

Cobra poses:

Cobra poses

You can also call this pose as Bhujangasana because this pose strengthens your shoulder and also reduce stiffness from lower back and provide flexibility to the body.

How to perform:

Lie down on a mat such that your head facing the floor. Keep your palms downward and keep your legs close to each other such that your feet and heels touching each other. Take a breath and lift your upper body till your navel makes sure your buttocks and shoulders are firm. Remain in this position for around 20 seconds. Come back to normal position.

Trikonasana (Triangle pose):

Trikonasana Pose

This yoga pose is a little bit tough to follow as compared to other asanas but has lots of benefits along with weight loss. If you want to add strength in your legs, chest, ankles, and arms then choose this asana as this is best. This pose is also well known to improve your mental and physical condition.

How to perform:

Stand straight by turning your right feet 90 degree and left food turn to 15 degrees. Inhale deep air and when you exhale just bend your body to the right, allowing your right hand comes down towards the floor and your left hand comes up straight in the air. Make sure both the hands are straight. Pause in this position for few seconds and come back to your normal standing position and try to repeat this posture on the other side.



This asana is quite difficult for beginners but with time they become an expert. This is very good asana to provide flexibility along with weight loss. This is also to increase heart rate and also useful to improve physical and mental strength.

How to perform:

Stand straight by stretching your body. Inhale deep breathing and at the time of exhaling bend your body and touches your feet with your palms. If possible then try to place your palms below your feet. Make sure your legs are straight doing try to bend them. After weighting for few seconds return back to your initial position.

Yoga When You Are In Office

Don’t read this sentence twice …..Because you can do yoga poses in your office whenever you feel free you can do this. Most of us freeze ourselves for hours by sitting on a chair at your workplace or office which makes our muscles stiff and we became lazy. But if you spend 20-30 minutes by doing yoga in office you can release tension from your spine and increase muscle flexibility.

Scale pose:

Scale pose

This pose strengthens your arms and wrists, calms your mind and stimulate your body muscles. For this pose sit at the edge of the chair and hold the chair with your hand below your hips then apply force to the chair with palm and lift your legs and butt up off from the chair. Hold this position for 2-3 minutes and then return back to normal position.

Garudasana Eagle Arms:

Garudasana Eagle Arms

This pose basically strengthens triceps, back muscles and shoulders. For this asana sit straight and place your arms at 90 degrees of angle and cross both the arms and press your palms.



Also known as lotus pose and is very effective to calm down your brain. You just need to sit comfortably on a desk or chair by keeping your neck and spine straight and erect. Make sure your hands take Varun mudra.



This asana is useful to remove stiffness from the shoulders and back pain and also useful to treat sciatica pain. For this bring your arms behind your back in such a way that you’re your right arm comes over your right shoulder and left arm from your back and try to interlock your hands by stretching your arms.

Restorative Poses:

Restorative Poses

This is just a normal pose to relax before returning from office because it may reduce your stress and help to fight against fatigue. For this pose, simple crosses your arms and place them on the surface of your desk and then rest your head on your crossed arms. Because “For every action, yoga gives a reaction” right!

Yoga For Hairs

When you saw any advertisement of long shiny and healthy hairs …..Then you want the same hair like them. Even you can say Shiny, healthy and long hair is a key asset for every woman. To get these types of hairs you buy expensive hair products but don’t get anything everything is a waste. But below we provide you some asanas that will surely go to give you effective results.

Rubbing your nails:

Rubbing your nails

This is the easiest and simplest form of yoga and you can do this yoga asana anywhere without wasting your time or applying efforts….Isn’t it sounds cool! In this bend fingers of both the hands and start rubbing your nails against them. Do this process for 5 to 10 minutes. You can perform this exercise whenever you get the time.

Note: Keep in mind do not rub your thumbs against each other as it may result in mustache growth.

Adho Mukha Svanasana:

Adho Mukha Svanasana

This is also known as dog pose because its posture seems like dog bends towards forward. This asana helps to increase blood flow level in your head which may further help for hair growth. Take a dog position by pressing palms against the floor and tuck your toes then slightly pull your body from hip towards the ceiling. Make sure your legs are straight. Hold your breath for 4-8 seconds and then return to normal position.



This asana basically strengthens your abdominal muscles and also helps to increase blood circulation in the pelvic area which directly affects the hair growth. It is a simple and comfortable pose. Just lie down on your back and lift your legs and hands up to 45-60 degree angle. Hold this position according to your stamina.



Commonly it is called as rabbit pose. This pose is also good to enhance blood circulation in your head that will useful for your hair. Begins this asana by sitting on your knees then try to touch your heels and bend your head on the floor. Inhale deep breath and lift your hip towards the sky. Exhale the air and restore to an earlier position.



Popularly it is known as a diamond pose. This will maintain your digestive system which further may lead to hair growth. Normally sit on your knees by keeping your spine straight and erect. Place your palms over your folded knees and slowly inhale or exhale. Do this process for few seconds and then return back to normal position.

Yoga Exercise During Pregnancy

It is important to do yoga at the time of pregnancy as it is effective for both mother and the baby. Yoga will improve your physical and mental well-being. Do you know yoga’s the best part that yoga will benefit even after the birth of the child? Below is some asana that will definitely help you during pregnancy:



It basically calms your body and helps to relax your muscles at the time of pregnancy. Sit on a blanket or a soft pillow so that your hips slightly elevated. Sit crossed legged kept hands on your knees. Stretched your spine straight. Gently breathe by maintaining the posture. Do this yoga asana for 4-5 minutes.

Cobbler Pose:

Cobbler Pose

If you are pregnant for the first time and had earlier miscarriages then this asana is very much beneficial for you.

What to do:

Sit on a mat or a soft blanket and cross your legs such that your feet facing each other. Now inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Then hold both the joined feet and pull them towards crotch gently. Simultaneously keep your knees down by inhaling the air. Count up to 10 and then relax your body.

Butterfly Pose:

Butterfly Pose

This is considered as a most efficient method that strengthens your abdominal and calf muscles at the time of pregnancy.

How to do:

Sit on your mat and joined your feet and hold them. Then start moving your knees up and down just like fluttering wings of the butterfly. Count 1 to 10 and then stretch out your legs and sit straight and relax.


  • If mother suffering from asthma then we suggest her not to do this exercise as it may severe their condition.
  • If pregnant women feel nausea and pain at the time of exercise immediately stop doing that exercise and consult your doctor.
    While doing yoga balance your body with utmost care.