Losing weight is the most difficult task don’t you feel same? Well… Everyone is obsess with weight loss, it makes you so depressed when you are not able to fit in your old favorite dresses, isn’t it? Don’t worry you are not alone everyone somewhere at a particular time loses hope of losing weight. After spending lots of time on supplements , spending their lots of time in a gym and using some irrelevant techniques for weight loss but at the end they don’t get desire results. Are you fed up by doing all those confusing and conflicting tips of weight loss like “eat less” “eat healthy” “do detox diet” and much more. Ohhhh……Don’t worry now as we goint to give you the best weight loss tip that actually works right! So we are here for you…..read below-given points that will definitely take you out of confusion.

Amazing Tips that helps in your journey of weight loss

Set targeted date:

Set targeted date

This is the most important step towards losing weight, for this you need to set a targeted end date for yourself. Without a targeted date it’s difficult to make you focused, you are just being like you are floating in a vague direction. But once you set your date you would be more motivated and focused on working towards it. You can choose any date like your own birthday, your anniversary date or your husband birthday and try to do your best.

Create a meal plan:

Create a meal plan

First of all you have to make a meal plan for weight loss. If you really want to lose weight, you should need to eat a meal high in proteins. Do you know high diet protein actually helps to reduce your craving towards food about 60%, optimize body composition and for reducing weight? But make sure not eat protein at night as they deposit in your stomach making digestion difficult and also keep in mind not to consume concentrated protein together like don’t eat curd, cheese, Paneer & lentils together. We can’t say you “go on diet” or adopt a” diet plan” because they never work for a long period of time. We just suggest you eat healthy foods such as prefer to eat single ingredient foods, vegetables, and fruits.

Get enough sleep:

Get enough sleep

Yeah sometime that would be surprise that sleep is very helpful to reduce weight. Actually, according to researchers, your fat is reduce from the body because of two reasons. First is because body burn few calories while you sleep (at least 70 calories per hour) and second is that it reduces deposition of fat in your body. A study is conduct at the University of Chicago, 10 overweight individuals were include in the study at least for 2 weeks. These 10 members split into 2 groups, the first group slept for 8.5 hours per night and second group slept for 5.5 hours. After 2 weeks experienced that those individuals who sleep for 5.5-hour lost at least 55% less fat and 60% more muscle as compared to 8.5-hour group.

Drink coffee and tea:

Drink coffee and tea

Don’t you love to drink Coffee or a tea…. Coffee contains caffeine in enough amount that is required by the body to kick start your metabolism, you can prefer to drink black coffee or a green tea. Caffeine also associated with several other health benefits such as it act as anti-depressive effects, improve mental health and moreover effective in the case of type 2 diabetes. According to various researchers, it’s clear that it not only improves your health but also prevent the accumulation of fat by increasing cell immobilization.

Choose the right type of exercise:

Choose the right type of exercise

Exercise is must if you really want to lose weight….but yeah most of the time you don’t have time to spend on exercise so at that time you can do one thing…..choose stairs rather than lift. And if you are staying on the fourth floor or the seventh floor then you are lucky. Keep in mind don’t rush on stairs otherwise you feel tired and your legs also feel some pain. Try to climb slow and steady then you will not feel breath or pain. Apart from this, you can also choose walking or jogging which may results in decreasing the amount of fat and also preserves your muscle mass.

Some Important facts….surely you don’t know:

Some Important facts

First fact is that “don’t eat dinner after 8 pm” because at this time your body metabolism slows down and the calories that you consumed after this time is stored in your body. Secondly, you might hear from many old people that “don’t bath right after having eaten a meal” right! The logic behind this is that the water while bathing may trigger the gastric juices, digestive enzymes due to which digestion takes a lot of time and build toxin and calories inside the body.

Stop drinking calories:

Stop drinking calories

Try to ditch your soda beverages as they only contain water with sugar nothing more than that….It is simple as that if you don’t leave your love towards your beverages then you will probably stay fat forever. According to study, it’ s notice that if you take 1000 of calories from beverages then your stomach is empty within an hour and demanding for more food. Yet if you eat calorie food that contain a good proportion of protein and fibers then you won’t feel hungry at least for 5 to 6 hours.

Pretty correct and old saying:

Pretty correct and old saying


Did you hear “Eat Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince, And Supper like a Pauper” well this is the main mistake that people who want to lose weight do. We see most of the people who desire to lose weight quickly always skip their breakfast ….but believe us this is the biggest blunder that they do. Breakfast skippers deprive themselves of the calories in the morning because the body is in fast track and to break that you have a need to take energy and burn out some calories however if you skip your breakfast you are unable to burn calories and start stores them in your body. So if you really want to skip a meal chuck out the dinner.

Avoid taking a meal while watching television:

Avoid taking a meal while watching television

We always prefer to eat our meal while watching our favorite television show… Don’t you do this? The main problem of eating your meal while watching TV is you loses your attention and never concentrates how much quantity you eat. Some people refill their plates again and again and some of them eat popcorn and chips and forget to count of the packets. So if possible try to eat your meal in a dining table instead of your couches. One more valuable benefit you get when you eat your meal on the dining table is that you spend some quality time with your family and enjoy your meal.

Hope these simple Tips of losing weight will certainly help you to acquire that beautiful and healthy shape of the body! So, all our readers get ready to fit into your old jeans or that gorgeous black dress. Good Luck with your weight loss!