Are you feel difficulty to get fit in your previous clothes? Or you are not able to join gym due to your shy behavior or due to your tight schedule whatever the reason is! Don’t lose your confidence as you are just not only a single person in the world who has faced this problem. Around a total of 60% -70% of women in this world have the same problem like you. Generally, it is assumed that for fitness you need a gym membership to the gym can be a tremendous motivator and an excellent place to work out. But what for those who do not have enough money or convenience to join “The gym”.

Home exercise is the best for all of us and only we need is a towel, yoga mat, the soft floor for exercise and a jumping rope. Just you need to spend 5 minutes from your daily routine time Isn’t it! Great news to hear that you don’t need to spend money and lots of time in the gym because we can easily maintain our body at home! It’s important to note that everyone’s body is different, so you might lose weight slightly faster or slightly slower depending on your body, so don’t compare yourself with anyone, just try to compete with yourself.

Some 5-minute workout that you will do in your home

Playing with your pet:

Playing with your pet

Wait we are not getting mad…….this is really effective to burn out your calories. If you have pets especially dog you are lucky because your pets also need some care such as you will have to take your dog or any pet for a short jog and for a long walk. You can also play some fetch game with your pet. This is the way from which you and your dog both remain healthy and also stress-free.

Jumping or Skipping Rope:

Jumping or Skipping Rope

Remember those days…. when you are in your childhood and you love to play this activity. Yes, jump rope for 5 minutes helps to burn loads of fats. Skipping may reduce 11 calories per minute. Isn’t it sounding cool? You can do this activity anywhere anytime in an open area. Apart from your fat loss it also helps to improve strengthens your legs, tone up your thighs, back and loosen hip muscles. Just spend 5 minutes from your daily schedule at you for amazing benefits.



What Cleanliness? Don’t stare at us like this…as this statement is true. If you don’t believe just look at your mother how fit and fine she is isn’t! This will really helpful to burn some calories just like other physical activities. Sweep or mop the floor whenever you free it not only clean your home but also clean fat from your body, alternatively, you can also do vacuuming, clean your kitchen and your house definitely, helps to get you in a perfect shape. Say thanks to your house!

Top floor flat:

Top floor flat

lucky are those who have flats on the top of the building. Yes, you just need to choose stairs instead of elevators. Yes, seriously this will useful to reduce your fat. You can also do one more thing park your car far away from your place so that you get some steps to walk. At least 10-15 Minutes walk is important.

Yoga asana you can easily do at home

This is a solution for every problem that you have. Yoga mainly comprises of three main items these are Poses, meditation, and proper breathing. There are various types of yoga poses that will help you out to overcome the fat problem. For yoga, you need to spend 15-20 minutes daily. Some yoga exercises that take 1 minute from your schedule are described below:

Glute Bridge:

glute bridges

This exercise will help you to lose weight from the lower parts of the body especially butt and core muscles. Simply Lie flat on a yoga mat with slight knees bent and place feet straight on the floor. Raise your hip slightly upward in such a way that they form a straight line from shoulder to hip. Now lift your left leg towards your chest hold for a while and lower back it. Repeat the same procedure with right leg. Only do this yoga exercise for 1 minute.

Rotating T Extension:

Rotating T Extension

This yoga will best working for abdominal muscles such as rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis. Take a push up position and straighten your arms. Put whole body weight on your arms. Raise your right hand in an upward direction facing the sky and look your palms in such a way that your body forms “T”. Hold for a minute a return back to your push-up position. Repeat this same procedure with the left hand. This yoga position hardly takes 1 minute.

Inverted Shoulder Press:

Inverted Shoulder Press

This yoga exercise efficiently toned your arm and shoulder muscles. Start in a push up position and move your feet toward your hands and raise your hip in such a way that your body form inverted “V” shape. Bend your elbow till your head touches the surface of the floor. Pause for a while and return to your normal position.

Skater Hops:

Skater Hops

This is the best plyometrics workout that will effectively help in correcting imbalances in the legs and toning the lower body. You know the position of skaters just like that we take a position then you have to extend our left knee and jump forwards towards the on the ball of your left foot.

Alternating Lunge:

Alternating Lunges


This exercise not only strengthens your muscles in the lower body but also helps to stabilize the abdominal muscles. Just stand straight then step forward with your right leg make a distance around 2 feet from the foot left behind, then lower down your body. Using heels for push up and returning back to normal position. Repeat this with another foot.

Do some more home workouts if you have little more time



Don’t you think early morning habit of cycling is good enough for fat loss as well as for pollution? Cycling is the best to tones the muscles of your lower body and also our intake of oxygen is increased due to which it helps improve metabolism. Use cycle to travel nearby places instead of cars and bikes.



Yuppie dancing…..are you also happy like us. Dancing is the best exercise to reduce fat and also for stress and tension removal. There are various dance forms like ballet, hip-hop, rumba, salsa and much more. Go for any dance form and nailed it. You should start dancing with a 5 minute warm up and finish it with a 5-minute cool down which means 30 minutes.



Just picnic? How is it possible? Well, this is also good to reduce fat …..For that, you need to arrange a picnic where you going to play some sports over there with your family or friends along with the nutritious meal. Such as badminton, surfing, horseback riding, hiking, you can also go for tracking or for Rock climbing these are really great physically demanding sports. You need not plan picnic daily, just spending 30-60 minutes in a week. Really you feel amazing and also notice few changes in your body both by physically and mentally.

Running or jogging:

Running or jogging

When you wake up early in the morning we are sure you notice peaceful environment, but can we suggest you something…don’t notice that environment just goes and feel it. If you feel shy to go alone, get ready your partner with you and go for a jogging or for a walk. Try to walk at a moderate pace for 30 to 60 minutes that will boost your metabolism and help to burn calories. It mainly reduces 150 extra calories in 30-minute jogging. Go and Get some benefit from fresh air and green environment.



Good news for those who have love towards Gardening. You can almost burn 200 to 300 calories only in 30 minutes. You can do weeding, digging, Squatting and lifting. If you do Gardening on a regular basis you may get three benefits: one you can spend more time with nature by planting veggies, flowers or herbs. And another lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, prevent your diabetes, depression and from heart disease. Don’t you think it seems like “Killing two birds with one shot”? Yeah.

What the hell we are talking about. We giving you fat reducing tips or enjoyment tips, this is what your mind said right now ….is we are right or wrong? But believe us we are giving you fat reducing tips just you have to follow above-given tips if you want to see the results. These are best and effective way to reduce the weight.