Have you ever notice, the way you start your morning! Actually morning habit decides how your whole day will be, If you wake up early in the morning you feel relaxed and organized that will Change Your Life in a positive way .You feel more focused and confident and ready to grab your day. But what when you start your morning late, you rush here and there, you skip your breakfast and your head clear with distractions and anxieties that come with the bad start of the morning. So what you decide? Getting up early in the morning or need some more time to sleep. You can consider your morning time as a break or make the time that prepares you for good or a bad day.

Many people fight daily with their habits because they don’t follow morning routine system if they do so then they found difficulty in sticking to them. Hence there’s a simple solution to this problem. Just jot down your priority works and start following it. Below we provide some habits that are important if you should also include them in your list:

Wait-Wait before discussing the habits, let’s talk about some benefits of a morning routine why you have to follow these habits? What’s important in this? Well…The morning routine is important because it increases productivity in work, and most importantly this habit helps to develop energy and also set your mind in such a way that it tackle all the challenges that you come across in a whole day.

Let’s start discussing the list of morning habits that you can easily do

Start your day early:

Start your day early

There are tons of benefits for early risers. Early morning is the time when you are most calm and your mind is at clearest. Getting up early out from bed is the key ingredient of success and health. If you found difficulty in getting up early in the morning then slowly set your alarm clock daily 5-10 minutes earlier than your usual time until you reach your optimal time. People who wake up early in the morning are more productive and focused. Morning people perform important tasks earlier than those who get up late and they utilize evening time for same activities. This is one of the best Morning habits that will Change your Life.

Have a glass of water with lemon:

Have a glass of water with lemon

Surely you know drinking water aids digestion and also regulate morning bowels. This is a very refreshing habit that everyone needs to try. We can’t say to squeeze the whole lemon and make your drink bitter, but just add few drops of lemon in your water that helps to reduce the feeling of hunger freshen up your breath and also give a lot of vitamins. So adopt this habit and start your day.



Recent study shows that a person who taking the time to meditate makes people more creative, relax your mind and also increase mental clarity. Yeah…we know it seems easy but difficult to perform. We suggest you to start doing meditation for few minutes and with time you can increase the length of time so that it fits in your morning routine.

Give some family time:

Give some family time

Surely most of you may skip breakfast meal due to hurry right! But once you start getting up early make a routine to eat breakfast with your family as it gives a positive impact on the health of both family members and for your health. Use your morning time to reconnect with your family, talk about your job, your finances and also get some information from your family so that you always connect with each other. It may do wonder in your family relationship.

Yoga or exercise:

Yoga or exercise

To get fit most of the people join a gym or some prefer to go for cycling or jogging. But all you can do this when you have a time right! According to researchers working out in the morning can actually increase your positive mentality and also burn calories faster and give effective results. So why not you sow seeds (yoga) today so that you reap sweet fruits (healthy life) in the future.

Switch off your mobile:

Switch off your mobile

Mobile phones are the biggest distraction now days agree or not? Yes right…So if it is possible to stay away from it. Most people use mobile phones like it is important as oxygen, isn’t it? This is the first thing we use in the morning after opening our eyes and last thing before we go to sleep. So what you have to do just start your day without looking at your phone for 2-3 hours. Don’t you believe but this is true… when you throw your Phone away at least for 2-3 hours it will not only increase your speed of doing work but also make you more active.

Listen to music that uplifts your mood:

Listen to music that uplifts your mood

We tell you music is the best source that changes your mood in a positive way .Try to listen some mild and slow music that will calm down your mind and also increase your focus.

Read something interesting:

Read something interesting

If you have done all your prioritized work and you still have time to spend then try to read some interesting blogs, motivational books, read a newspaper that not only increases your knowledge but also you will get some interesting and valuable talking points throughout the day.

Perform the hardest goal:

Perform the hardest goal

In the morning first thing that you can do is perform the hardest goal. “Mark Twain once said that if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long”. Wait- wait you don’t have to eat real frog but in this frog is your biggest and most important task if you do this task whole day you feel relaxed and gives positive impact.

Leave a note for your loved ones:

Leave a note for your loved ones

Yeah we know in this technology era you have gadgets and you prefer to text message rather than leaving a note, but try to change this habit instead of texting write a note on a paper and putting it in a pillow, place it in front of your house or adding sweet message in your child’s or husband’s lunch box this makes them happy and increases their love and affection towards you.

You can also call morning hour as a P.O.W.E.R hour because in this hour your life is transformed by means of Productivity, Focus and feeling of fulfillment throughout your day.

Peace- In this you can do some meditation and yoga at least for 10-20 minutes. Give yourself a gift of peace that will calm your mind.

Openness- Be open with yourself……make a diary in which write down about your intentions in a day.

W Who, What, Why- Ask few question from yourself….What do you need to do today? Who needs you more today? Why you are not focusing on your work. Find out their answers.

Exercise- If you don’t have time to join a gym dedicate at least 10-15 minutes to warm up your body, for yoga or any other king of workouts.

Reading-Take some time to read about something motivational, something inspirational that stimulate your mind as you prepared for your day.